French Hornist and Private Lesson Teacher

Studio Policy

Studio Policies

  • Teacher Responsibilities

    • To teach the student the fundamental building blocks of the french horn.

    • Regularly communicate student progress to parents and guardians.

    • To ascribe effective performance and practice techniques.

    • Provide a foundation in the primary music for french horn.

  • Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

    • To help students in their practice session, with both encouragement and practice strategies prescribed by the teacher.

    • Punctual payment at the beginning of every month.

    • To help supervise practice sessions for the prescribed amount of time.

    • To provide regular and punctual attendance at lessons.

  • Tuition, Fees, and Materials

    • Tuition can be paid one of two ways: by the lesson or by the month. The cost of each lesson type is listed below.

    • One 30 minute lesson is $30.

    • One 60 minute lesson is $45.

    • Four 30 minute lessons (by the month) is $100.

    • Four 60 minute lessons (by the month) is $140.

  • lesson materials

    • If the lesson materials are public domain, the teacher will attempt to provide PDFs if possible. Of course if one prefers buying their own book that is fine.

    • If the book is not in public domain, a link to a place to purchase the book will be provided. Likely cost of $10.

    • A horn is expected to be brought to every lesson.

  • Rate Increases

    • Lessons are subject to a 2-5% rate increase every year depending on various economic conditions.

  • Information Form

Before the first lesson I must be made aware of what the student's previous experience, this can be done in person or on a fillable form on this website.

  • Practice Policies

Students on horn must play for at least 15 minutes a day on their own. Older students should be playing even more. If a student does not practice they will quickly lose their ability to play the horn along with any other musical benefits. Parents should be aware of the importance of practicing and should help their child find time each day to play for at least 15 minutes. Failure to practice regularly will cause myself to dismiss the student from private teaching. 

  • Cancelation and Makeup Policy

Sometimes, either a student or myself will be unable to attend a lesson. If I am sick on the day of a lesson, I will work to reschedule a lesson for that same week. If the lesson cannot be rescheduled I will refund the lesson.

If a student cannot make a lesson, I must know at least 24 hours in advance. If it ends up being sooner than 24 hours it will be up to my discretion whether it will be made up. 

If a student does not show up to their lesson: I will act as though the lesson happened and will not supply a refund, except in certain circumstances. 

  • Scheduling

    Scheduling works via three terms: Spring, Summer, and Fall.

    Spring and Fall are built around a 17 week term, while Summer is an 8 week term.

    To accommodate both various vacations and various other activities, summer is generally flexible with scheduling.

    Spring and Fall scheduling are done at the beginning of each term. Spots are limited.


    Fall and Spring Terms: Sunday-Friday 12:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. 

    Summer Term:  Tuesday-Thursday 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. 

  • Rescheduling Lessons

    Sometimes I will be busy at the time of lessons due to my various jobs as a member of various orchestras across the southeast.