French Hornist and Private Lesson Teacher


Even more new audio! Also, general updates about summer

Hey all three of you who read this blog.

I know I posted a recent update last Tuesday about some new audio, well I uploaded some more. In this bunch is a recent new work by Ben Robichaux called Losing Touch for Horn and Electronics that myself and the composer recently recorded. The other is a movement from Britten's Serenade for Horn, Tenor, and Strings that was recorded live last year on a recital in March. 

In addition to this recording I wanted to write quickly about what's coming up this summer for me. Currently I'm playing at two music festivals: one in Miami, and one in Lake Tahoe. It looks like I'll be playing quite a bit, playing operas and various symphonies. The festival in Lake Tahoe seems to be maybe the most exciting though because in addition to performing in a chamber orchestra, you get to stay right on the Lake in the beautiful mountains of California. Having never actually been to California (other than a 3 day stay when I was maybe 8) it is super exciting to get to go across the country.