French Hornist and Private Lesson Teacher


Return from Austria


I had sort of hoped that I would be able to update my blog a lot more than I really ended up ever doing... but that's ok. The main reason?? I was busy in Europe, doing as the Europeans do: practicing, biking all over Salzburg, practicing, learning an opera in three days, practicing, going to a variety of concerts at the Salzburg Festival, practicing, and practicing.

Ok, so most of it was just being busy with practicing but I have good reason! I'm doing an audition for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Whether that really happens or not is kind of out of the question--auditions can really be random no matter how well you play--it's helped a lot for my low range. At least I can actually make notes in my low range that sound relatively good.

For that I'd like to thank Johannes Hinterholzer, Marie-Luise Neunecker, and Wolfgang Vladar for helping me with this over the past month... it's a work in progress but it's at least actually happening. Whether that translates to success at the audition is a whole other issue, but for now it's at least something. 

Now that I'm back, I'm looking to get a few things started: a few more regular gigs, a few more students in Athens, and maybe even some work doing some recording? I sure hope so. 

Anyways, future looks good, and I'll upload a couple of pictures on here so that everyone can see pictures of our recent trip.