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Travel, Master classes and more

Hello everyone!


I know I haven't updated this blog (or really the website in any capacity since maybe May?) in awhile. It's mostly been due to being extremely busy getting a lot of things ready for both my first trip to Europe in May, and now getting ready to attend/perform in the Salzburg Festival in August. As a reminder, I will be there to attend and perform as part of the Mozarteum's International Summer Academy. I'll be playing in an orchestra and also taking part in a master class taught by Johannes Hinterhölzer. Also while here I will be attending concerts and taking lessons with a few people from various orchestras who will be passing through Salzburg for the festival... and of course attending as many things as I possibly can. My wife Ashley will be coming with me as well, and she will be having a pseudo-vacation while I'm out rehearsing. I know some of our plans are going to be traveling to Vienna, Germany, and possibly Italy. The music I'll be performing will be different chamber orchestra pieces by Mozart, Haydn, and others from the classical era rep.


The biggest news news though is that I will be attending a second master class in August, after the Mozarteum master class ends. I was invited to attend the class by Marie-Luise Neunecker! I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing at this one, but I do know that I'll be studying with her, which I'm super excited about. The class takes place in Bad Reichenhall, a little spa town close by Salzburg.


In Bad Reichenhall I'll be playing chamber and solo works with other students, along with potentially playing with the local orchestra. This class ends on the second of september and we will  then return to the USA for the beginning of my Doctorate at UGA.


The last part of this post will be devoted to Ashley and myself's first European vacation together: we traveled to five countries... and here's some pictures from the trip!




German Presidential Palace  



Berlin Philharmonic before Ein Heldenleiben



One of our Airbnb's crazy Staircases, located in Lille, France.  



In the various canals of Amsterdam. I swear I didn't fall in!