French Hornist and Private Lesson Teacher


To Berlin, Salzburg, and More!

Hello all three of you who read this! Especially those who seem to follow the link in my email signature and read two lines of the blog. Reading retention of you, my fair reader, is not something I'm super great at. 


That exciting news is that myself and my wife Ashley will be traveling to Europe twice this summer. The first time will be in May. We leave on Cinco de Mayo, and celebrate Mexican Independence Day by leaving the USA to head to Berlin for a few days. While there we will see The Berlin Philharmonic play Ein Heldenleiben and the Shostakovich Cello Concerto. After that we are going to go to a few countries... sort of to just say we have been.  

The second time to Europe is a result of either immense luck or that I'm starting to really get good on the horn (I'd wager the first one...). I won the Pro-Mozart Society of Atlanta's Scholarship competition. Surprisingly... it was myself and three pianists, and I'm the first wind player in its 15 year history to win the competition. The prize is enrollment and a $5000 scholarship to attend the Mozarteum over the summer. The same Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. By even more coincidence... the time that Ashley and I would be there is during the famous Salzburg music festival. We are already looking at tickets... and if any of you reading this can somehow get us tickets to see anything... write me. Attending the Mozarteum gives me a choice of two master classes that I could take: an orchestral masterclass which performs an opera by Haydn in the Festival, or a specific horn masterclass. Either option seems pretty good. I'm just waiting to hear if I was hired for another job over the summer before I decide.  


In unrelated news, in the next month I have a couple of woodwind quintet concerts, concerts with the South Carolina Philharmonic, my solo recital, a recital potentially at Reinhardt university, and multiple church gigs. Life is pretty good. 


Andrew Sehmann