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General Life Update... Or How am I going to do all these Performances?

Another week, another 4 million performances it seems... but not on Alphorn this month.

Since arriving back from Salzburg and Germany it's seemed like it's been one thing after another. Not much in way of classes or anything of that sort. I have one class in the inaugural semester of my DMA, so life is easy there. The difficulty is the amount of playing that's suddenly creeped up on me this past month... leading to just tons of practice happening at all times. Some of this is self inflicted due to auditions that are coming up for both jobs and certain high calibre summer programs, and some of this is just due to the different groups that I'm playing with. So below find a couple of concerts that I'll be performing in the near future. This has also been updated under the "Performances" tab.

Auditions/Applications for Summer Programs currently being Worked on: Lucerne, Britten-Pears Orchestra, Atlanta Opera, Verbier Festival. These consist of about 5-8 excerpts each and various solos, and have staggered deadlines and application requirements.

Competitions: MTNA State Young Artist Competition (Brass): Mozart 3, Strauss 2, Persichetti Parable, Hindemith Alto Horn Sonata. This takes place Nov. 4 at 7PM

Performances: Too many to list... just check the Performances Tab.

I'm hoping to update this site more regularly... maybe a weekly blog post? I realize this post isn't super big or exciting, but I have some plans related to stories, podcasts, and other things that might be interesting to those who like to frequent this blog. I'll try to provide a preview of things to come each week. 

Next week... My recent new hobby/lifestyle of biking!