French Hornist and Private Lesson Teacher


Biking in Athens, GA

Unrelated to all the performances that are happening faster than I thought, I wanted to write a little about my month long experience of biking all the time... at least when completely feasible of course.

I acquired a Diamondback Haanjo Metro bike last year, but I had the problem of not being in good enough shape to ride it anywhere from my apartment. I live in the middle of a wooded hilly area and the first hill I have to climb on route to whatever I'm doing is a steep incline for half a mile. I also built the bike myself— it’s much cheaper to acquire the bike unassembled— which meant it was not in maybe the best shape to ride. It was ridable, but everything about the bike felt off. I ended up taking the bike to a shop in town when a tire popped and the guy at the desk took one look at it and asked “Woah where’d you get this bike? It’s a wreck! Did you build this yourself?”

 “No... of course not!”

I got that bike fixed... and attempted to save face in front of the repairman (is there a technical term for a bike repairman?). I got it back a few days later and the bike was better than new; I felt like I could suddenly ride up hills without any large problems.

Now since having the bike tuned up, and also riding a bike every day in Salzburg, I'm able to ride back in forth to whatever I have in Athens, GA regularly! The experience of riding has been great in town, and it's been a huge money saver. That's because even though I live 3 miles from UGA--where a lot of my lessons that I teach and ensembles I work with perform-- it wastes a ton of gas to just drive there and back every day. The big problem of course is riding back at night, but I've recently acquired a bike light: 

This one listed above is fantastic... and brighter than some car lights. It's expensive but not super super expensive compared to some you might find. I might have more on biking soon, but it's been great being able to bike for a commute for once.

I'm hoping next week to provide a little list of items that are useful for both Biking and maybe horn playing as well? We'll see whether or not there's useful info to be found in both groups!