French Hornist and Private Lesson Teacher


Watch This Space!

Have you ever been so busy that you hardly have time to update your own website? Yeah that's me right now.  

In the past... Month? Two months? I haven't had much time to really type anything as I decided on a lark to start recording for a bunch of different summer jobs and festivals. The great hope is that I don't have to pay for anything... or get paid for doing it. Did you know that some music festivals actually support you... instead of being a glorified system of pay to play?

I'm just saying... paying money to go to a festival for the summer can put you in the hole if you can't pay the tuition. 

I will get off my soapbox now...


Over the past... oh 2 months or so I've been doing a whirl wind of recording excerpts and solos for summer festival jobs/fellowships. Specifically: An opening for Principal horn in Des Moines Metro Opera, a faculty horn position at Blue Lake, fellowships at Lucerne, Music Academy of the West, Tanglewood, National Music Festival, and the Sarasota Chamber festival. It's a bit much. I'm still not done with some of the applications... for another reason. 

The woodwind quintet I'm apart of-- The Southern Winds-- took place in a chamber competition. While I think we should have won, we placed second. We were rehearsing constantly, which was great. But now that it's over it's nice to have the free time. Free time to practice for the recital coming up! 

Speaking of recitals this will be Recital no. 2 of the semester. In addition to literally everything else I was also doing a solo competition. I think I didn't pick the best music ever (only two were really competition pieces), but it went great. Questionably no one has ever given me any indication on how I ever did. It is extremely weird. 

Whatever, anyways that's been the culmination of my last few months. And I'm still finishing off some of the recordings for a few scholarship applications... but it's almost over.  

That's my life! At least for the previous two months. I'll make another post about my top music from 2016... maybe in the next two weeks.