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September Updates

To the one or two of you who read these semi-monthly updates:

As I write this I'm attempting to watch Inherent Vice, on HBO and it's seeming to play out like the time when I read Pynchon's book of the same name... sometimes incomprehensible, other times hilarious. Pretty good movie so far.

Life has been fairly busy since the last time I wrote. I was working constantly in August to pay the few new bills that myself and my wife have accrued. "New Bills?!" You may ask. Well, Ashley and I have moved to a new apartment. Moving was pretty stressful, but we got it all in. I'm not really sure how we can even afford it. Amazingly we can and we have tons of money to spare once the assistantship checks come in (and they did come in!). 

My assistantship has gotten much better compared to last year. It wasn't bad last year, but the grading is easier now. The woodwind quintet--which is part of the assistantship-- has stepped the level up compared to last semester. We are working on Neilsen, Ligeti, and a transcription/arrangement of Rossini arias. We have already performed and have an upcoming performance in about two weeks.

Performing has really started taking off for me since the competition this summer. I have multiple gigs with the South Carolina Symphony next year, a lot of performances with UGA ensembles, and surprisingly; a performance with the Atlanta based Chamber Cartel in October. Probably my favorite performance coming up is in two weeks: Dvorak 8 with Symphony Orchestra Augusta.

Things keep looking up for us. I might have a semi big announcement coming up in the next week. I'm hoping it is as exciting as I think it's going to be.

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