French Hornist and Private Lesson Teacher


End Notes From IHS and Moving

Hi all three of you! 

I've been processing my thoughts from IHS in Ithaca over the past couple of weeks. It was an amazing eye opening experience in a number of ways. I was primarily there to play in the Solo competition which was supposed to be on Tuesday. I ended up placing second at that competition. I knew after I had played that it wasn't my best for either piece, but I was just happy to have it over. I had been heavily stressed over the whole thing. Even though I was second, I still got a check for $750 so it wasn't exactly horrible. The soloist who won is a good friend of mine, and honestly I think it could not have happened to someone nicer. I'm glad he won. 


With the scholarships I somehow made a ton of money on the conference instead of like most people losing a bit of money to come to the competition. $2750 to be exact. So overall not so bad. There were two other events at IHS that I attended. The first was playing on a featured artist recital, and a lesson with Frank Lloyd. The lesson with Frank Lloyd was amazing. In about 1 hour my breathing was changed and I felt like I could play more accurate. Since I have been keeping up with the exercises he showed me, accuracy for even fast awkward passages have been fixed themselves (namely a certain Also Sprach excerpt that had been impossible now seems to be something I could play in front of a panel).


Soon in the next few weeks I will be moving, but once school starts up again I'll be posting some more info for lessons and other things at that time. 

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