French Hornist and Private Lesson Teacher


IHS Coming Up

Hello to the one of you reading!

It's been an extremely eventful month. I've done more traveling than ever before, including going to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. That's not really why I'm writing though. I was selected a few weeks ago to be the winner of the Jon Hawkins and Tuckwell award, along with being a finalist for the solo competition. I'm getting ready to head up to Ithaca soon, and I've been practicing Adagio and Allegro a ton. Whether or not my prep works, I'm up to two straight runs of the Schumann in a row. Mozart is going fine.

The other thing I've had to do this month, at least for jobs, is do four separate videos for potential substitute jobs in the areas. These videos were sort of a killer pain to do... but hopefully it leads to a couple more jobs. 

If boredom gets to me, I'll maybe write some on the music I've been listening to recent. Just a hint, it's pretty much not related any horn music.

Andrew Sehmann