French Hornist and Private Lesson Teacher


News and some Extras

Hello to all two of you who actually read this part. To all of those who might find this page at some point hello as well.  


To to get the news out of the way I just was announced as the winner of the Jon Hawkins award for the International Horn Society Symposium in June. What this means is I can essentially attend the conference for free (well as long as I don't spend over $1500s getting to the place). In addition to this nice financial help... I get a lesson with a famous player... I'm really not sure who out of the options I have to pick would be a good choice, they're all great. 


Furthermore...  as part of the award I also am now meant to play on an award winners recital. What I will play I'm unsure, either Adagio and Allegro or Mozart Two, are the likely choices. 


If that was not enough, the committee picked me to be one of two people--in what I guess is the world(?)--to play the finals of the solo competition at IHS. That is one of the main reasons why I will be playing Adagio and Allegro or Mozart Two for that other recital. 


Finally: a brief aside.  


It's not wrong of me to get bored of listening to classical music right? Brahms makes me want to scream if I hear it again, or something in that style. I guess that's why most of my listening the past few weeks has turned to podcasts and Jazz music. Gotta say: if you haven't listened to either Thelonious Monk's Live at Town Hall, or Mingus' Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, you're seriously missing some great performances.  

Andrew Sehmann