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More on Music from 2015

Didn't quite make the play to get all my albums on here by 2015 did I?

Most of that had to do with going home and spending time with family... and forgetting to update this website. That's ok though... I realize not a ton of people read this and that the website is in some way a way to push my name as a brand. Always seems to happen that way.

But hey! At least I'm not trying to push that down your throat right? I'll just push the music that I've been listening to recently down your throat!

Just kidding---somewhat at least.

Music from 2015 that's worth listening to in no order whatsoever: 

St. Germain: St. Germain

To Pimp a Butterfly: Kendrick Lamar

Sometimes I Just Sit and Think: Courtney Barnett

No Cities to Love: Sleater Kinney

Dvorak: Symphony No. 9 "From the New World," Varése: Amériques-Live: Seattle Symphony & Ludovic Morlot