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Slight Site Update

And a few other little Things

I adopted a dog with my wife! She's in the picture... her name is Stella!

So as all the one of you who read this; I moved my site around a little bit to simplify. Mostly because I originally made this site for a class--instead of being made for all of you good readers out there (or was it for self promotion... hmm?). It should be a little simpler at the top, so that there's less to read and more to do.

I updated a few things that I had recorded in the past month; namely the first movement of Tre Poemi and a video of myself performing the Persichetti Parable for Solo horn. I'm sure if I find something else I'll just keep adding it to that section.

I'm currently working on making videos and recordings for a large variety of summer festivals, or summer jobs, so that I and my wife have something to do this summer. I've already made and submitted applications for Lucerne and Blue Lake. The rest that I'm doing are videos for Tanglewood, Chicago Civic Orchestra, and Verbier. Those are a little harder as they're to be done in one take with no break... so I'll see how many of those three I really get done.

Oh! I forgot to mention I'm attempting to apply for the Des Moines Opera job. Who knows if that'll happen though.

Finally, I'll make a post about my favorite things of 2016. Hopefully before the year is over this time... Expect it in the next few days.


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