French Hornist and Private Lesson Teacher


Short Update



Monthly updates didn't happen so much. But in good news I've been doing five million things so it's warranted right? 

I'm proud to announce-unless you're friends with me on Facebook and already know this-that both myself and the woodwind quintet I play in were state winners of Georgia's MTNA competitions. Exciting stuff huh? Well not really that exciting, but hey I go on to regionals playing the same stuff (hopefully much better).


I have also seemed to increase my playing output by an insane amount: for example I just ended up playing/sort of sight reading Beethoven 6 on Friday (Thanks again Candace!). Things are going really well.  

More regular updates will commence soon. I busted the screen to my computer, and the wifi card seems to not be working either. The thing they don't teach you in music school: you gotta learn how to repair that yourself, so that's my thanksgiving break! Actually, it is sort of fun to work on, I'm not bitter, compared to the difference of 600 dollars if I would take it to the store, it's super easy. 


One last thing: bunch of new recordings should be coming up soon including a video of Persichetti Parable VII, recordings of the quintet, and maybe some solo stuff from my recital in the spring.  


If you are reading and thinking: I want to take lessons with this guy (as you should!), you can contact me on the contact page above or at