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Albums of the Year Part 2

It's Christmas time here. I'm in Harlan, Kentucky, for the week celebrating Christmas with my wife's family. I've done a bunch of practicing, getting ready for 3 recitals next semester. I really gotta plan my pieces better...

Anyways, Part 2 of my top albums of 2015 is:

African Express & Andre de Ridder: In C Mali

Not much can really be written about In C, than already has been. I'm not even posting this as a indictment of my love of Minimalist music, although you could say that that might influence some factors...

The best part of this album, other than the Hello Kitty gloves in the album art, is the joy of hearing people playing music together. Honestly that is why I love hearing In C, especially when a group as seasoned as African Express play together. The recording has been described as revolutionary due to the different use of instruments, but it is a better recording for how the musicians play together. The original recording of Riley's is sort of sloppy sounding throughout the entire piece. It sounds like he did throw the entire recording session together on a dime and handed the music to the musicians that day. I'm not saying that this is bad, the piece is not exactly complicated, but it helps to play through it a few times to learn how to play with what ensemble you might be in, whether an orchestra, or a random assortment of people.